Call for Volunteers!

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I needed some peer support. Thanks to you guys, I survived my PMP exam.


Freelance Project Manager

I needed a job change. Thanks to your network, I got the new position I deserve. I think they like me too <3


I showed up because a coworker invited me. Now I am giving back to the Sche area arts industry with skills I already have. It has been wonderful to connect with you all here.


I moved to town looking for neighbors. I got life long friends instead. I'll take it!


ITS- New York State

I am new to PMing. It's been fun talking with real life long professionals here. I am looking for how I can help the new members now to pay it forward.


The Membership Appreciation picnic was great! The pandemic was horrible! OMG. I can't WAIT to get back together with the gang again!


Thank you Barb for helping me through long study nights for my PMI-CAPM. I made it!!


PMI-UNY, you are cool and kind and sometimes shy, I share limericks-you don't mind, thanks for being by my side.

It is so nice to see new and old friends face-to-face again!