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Project Leadership: You Cannot Manage a Project to Success with John Bowen


You cannot manage a project to success; you must lead a project to success.  

Over the past 40 years, as project management tools and methodologies have evolved into a prescriptive “discipline,” we have become overly focused on the project administration, training, and certifying project managers in their ability to report on the easily quantifiable metrics of schedule and cost.  Projects are not about things; projects are about people.  

This presentation describes the critical responsibilities of the project manager is leading the team through vision, motivation, communication, action, focus, and tenacity, i.e., leadership. The key question is: how do you acquire/develop project leaders?    


John Bowen is a Senior Consultant and Executive Speaker to CXOs, executive organizations and professional groups for Computer Aid, Inc. (CAI). He has more than 35 years of IT management experience including executive leadership, technology management, IT integration, IT due diligence, strategic planning, and large-scale system implementation.  

John is also president of Management Envision LLC, a research and consulting company focused on the innovative presentation of complex issues in the process, portfolio, project, and program management.  He provides management consulting services to IT organizations in global expansion and manages projects in the US, Latin America and Europe.  

Before joining CAI, John served for ten years as CIO of PPL Global, the international division of PPL Corporation.  In that role, he was responsible for IT management and operations in Latin America and lived for several years in Argentina and Chile.   

He has managed multi-national projects involving teams in more than 25 countries.  He authored an acclaimed project management methodology and established project management offices (PMOs) in multiple companies in the US and Latin America. 

John is a Rector Scholar and magna cum laude graduate of DePauw University with degrees in mathematics, computer science, and symbolic logic.  He has taught international business, information engineering, and project management for MBA programs at fifteen universities and is currently a visiting instructor of international business and project management at Lehigh University’s Iacocca Institute and adjunct professor of project management in the Lehigh University College of Business and Economics Executive Education Program.  John has taught international business and project leadership to more than 800 professionals from 100 countries at the Iacocca Institute´s Global Village program.  

Since 2015, John has presented at more than 120 events to an audience of over 9000 executives, business professionals and graduate students in over 50 cities in 13 countries on four continents.

John's industry knowledge spans software development, higher education, power generation, energy distribution, telecommunications, and health care.  


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