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PMI UNY Chapter 2021 Board Elections


It’s that time of year once again when we elect our Board of Directors. The PMI UNY Board is a cohesive group providing wisdom, experience, and diversity to responsibly govern our chapter.  Board members are elected to two-year staggered terms so that we retain continuity in planning, creating, and executing strategic initiatives. The Board and its volunteers strive to strengthen our professional organization and membership.

This past year the chapter transitioned to virtual meetings, events and Professional Developments Days. Holding meetings virtually allowed for more members (and non-members) to participate and also provided presentations on many diverse topics by speakers from near and far. It is our hope that we will soon be able to return to holding in person events.

We hope that your passion and commitment to Project Management and the Upstate New York Chapter will drive you to participate now and in the future. Below are the specifics.


Some positions on the PMI UNY Board of Directors are open effective June 1, 2021 as the two-year terms of the incumbents are expiring. The terms for these openings are June 1, 2021 through May 31, 2023. This is an excellent opportunity for current members to become more active in the governance of the PMI UNY chapter.

Eligibility, Responsibilities, & PDUs

To run for a Board position, candidate must be a PMI UNY member in good standing and a regular attendee of the monthly meetings. Members in good standing are current in payment of membership dues. Regular attendees have attended at least four (4) meetings in the last PMI year.  For details, refer to the PMI UNY bylaws. Board members are expected to attend monthly chapter meetings and monthly Board meetings. Board members will be eligible to claim 10 PDUs for serving on the Board. Additionally, members associated with one of PMI’s Authorized Training Partners (ATP) are unable to participate in a decision-making capacity.

Election Activities

  • Communications – Mass communications are prohibited. Candidate may not make reference to any other candidate or any existing or past board members / directors
  • Campaign materials – No candidate or PMI member may utilize any campaign materials such as posters, buttons/lapel pins, group activities or sponsorships
  • Candidate communications with PMI UNY – Candidate should discuss the position with former directors or a member of the nominating committee

Board Positions

Board candidates do not run for a specific position. Candidates run "at large." Newly elected (and re-elected) Board members are appointed to positions on the Board by a vote of the current members of the PMI UNY Board of Directors. This year positions to be filled are as follows:

  • VP of Membership
  • VP of Events Planning
  • VP of Professional Development
  • VP of Marketing
  • VP of Communications
  • 2nd VP of Finance
  • 2nd VP of Administration


Distribute information and bio form  3/30/2021
Bio form submission closes 4/15/2021
Issue slate of candidates 4/20/2021
Electronic balloting 4/22/2021 to ...
Voting ends 5/10/2021
Announce results 5/12/2021



Any current member can vote. Members can cast votes via Survey Monkey (electronic) no later than Monday, May 10, 2021.

Applying to Run

If you wish to run for a Board Position, complete the Candidate Bio Form and return to Carol Fitzgerald, PMP no later than Thursday, April 15, 2021. There are no exceptions to this deadline.

We encourage you and your colleagues to consider joining our team and contributing to our PMI UNY Chapter's success.

Thank you for your participation.

Carol Fitzgerald, PMP



PMI Upstate New York Chapter, Inc.


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